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Air Canada International Systems Operations Centre

Greater Toronto Area

ZAS provided full design consultant services to design and engineer a new 4 storey building on a green field site. The building houses a critical 24-hour systems operations centre (SOC) as well as general administrative functions, training rooms, meeting rooms and lunchrooms. The design of this building is based on the critical requirements of the operational floor. The location and layout of the operational floor dictates the floor space and adjacencies of the other facilities in this new building. The intent of the design was to create a highly efficient operational floor as well as an enjoyable environment for the occupants. The clarity and openness of the space, material selection and access to daylight along with the support amenities provide an incentive for staff to enjoy the workspace. The layout of the SOC floor is organized with a central command podium and radial arrangement of all departments. Inter departmental visual as well as audible connection was a key issue in the resulting configuration. Within each quadrant a layout working area is provided as well as informal collaboration spaces at each vertex of the enclosing square. A raised access floor is used at the SOC floor to allow for the myriad of power and data cable distribution and doubles as a plenum for air distribution. The layout of these offices and workstations is organized so that maximum light is transmitted through to the central spaces.


Air Canada


80,000 sf

4-Storey Facility


Critical 24-hour systems operations centre

Building and Interior Design

Systems Operations Centre

Office Workstations

Managers and Directors Private Offices

Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms

Training Rooms

Lunch Room and Patio

Exercise Room