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Dubai World Executive Offices at Gateway Tower

Dubai, UAE

The top five floors of the Gateway Tower are devoted exclusively to the Dubai World Executive Team and include the Chairman’s private offices. Restaurants, library, prayer rooms and state-of-the-art recreational facilities are found on the 54th Club Floor. The 56th floor predominantly consists of office space and support facilities for executives, managers and their respective support staff. The Chairman’s personal area includes private offices, dining areas, gallery, majilis and has a direct connection to a helipad. The Dubai World Gallery is located on the 58th floor and includes the curator’s office and an art preparation area. The 360 Degree Room is found on the 59th floor and offers unobstructed views of Dubai World properties and the Gulf. All furniture, finishes, fixtures and food on the executive levels reflect a five-star quality standard.




75,350 s.f.


54th Floor
Fitness centre
(Separate for Men & Women)
5 Star Restaurant
Presentation/Meeting Rooms

56th Floor
Executive Private Offices
Support Staff Areas
Presentation/Meeting Rooms
Visitor Areas

57th Floor
Chairman’s Office
Meeting Rooms
Private Gallery

58th Floor
Dubai World Gallery
Executive Presentation Room
Meeting Rooms
Hoteling Executive Offices

59th Floor
306 degree Executive Boardroom