Emergency Response Headquarters Pearson International Airport

Toronto, Canada

This new 22,000 s.f. fire-fighting facility & fire prevention administrative headquarters is a state-of-the-art complex, uniquely designed to satisfy the highly specialized needs of airport safety.  It has been designed to provide 24 hour emergency response, and includes stringent security parameters as the building straddles the “Airside/Groundside” line.  Located adjacent to the airport’s main runways it was designed to operate 24/7/365, and meet all federal security requirements.  The facility includes a 6–bay garage for emergency vehicles serving all airside and groundside facilities at the airport.  A central command centre provides panoramic views of the airport’s south end runways and a central dispatching location for emergency service staff and vehicles.  The second storey contains dormitories, lounge and recreation areas, and administrative office area.


Pearson International Airport


22,000 s.f.


Fire-Fighting Facility
Fire Prevention Administrative
24 Hour Emergency Response
6–Bay Garage
Lounge and Recreation Areas
Administrative Office Area