Retail Commercial

HSBC Main Branch

Vancouver, BC

HSBC retained ZAS for the redesign of their Vancouver Main branch and Premier banking location that was to be designed and constructed in less than 6 months. The project consisted of seven floors of an office tower location in downtown Vancouver. The branch is one of the busiest in Canada for HSBC and was required to remain operational during construction. This multi-phased project was designed to meet the need of HSBC international design guidelines and be open for the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Numerous design challenges required a full time clerk of works from our office to ensure a smooth delivery of the construction detail information to the site, city, and communication with HSBC staff.   The project area was relatively small making movement within a confined construction space in an occupied office building very challenging.


HSBC Canada


75,000 s.f.

7 Floors


New Branch Design

Office Space

Retail Banking

Private Offices

Lounge Areas

Staff Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Video Conferencing



7 Floors