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HSBC New Workplaces, Branches and Refresh Program

Various Locations, Canada

Since 2004, HSBC has retained ZAS to design a variety of spaces including new retail branches, renovations of existing branches and head office workplaces.  Our initial role with HSBC was to developed a set of design guidelines and standards for use by internal and external consultants.  In addition, ZAS acted as Program Manager for the implementation of the design standards.  In recent years, ZAS has played an important role in implementing HSBC's new Global Standards, adapting their Global vision to Canadian standards and applying to a multitude of projects across Canada as a Prime Consultant.  ZAS has, and continues, to provide Interior Design services for HSBC for more than 50 tenant improvement and new branch projects in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Recent notable locations include:

·   HSBC Vancouver Main Branch. A flagship location with 3 retail banking floors in a downtown office tower.  Concourse level main branch, Ground Floor Premier Banking, Second Floor Business Banking.  A Major renovation of existing location, completed in 2010.

·   HSBC McGill College, Montreal, QC.  A flagship branch with 2 retails banking floors in a downtown office tower.  Ground Floor main branch, Second Floor Premier and Business Banking.  A relocation and expansion of an existing branch, targeting LEED Silver.  Expected completion 2012.

·    HSBC Fortuna House, Richmond, BC.  A flagship branch with 2 banking floors in a 2 storey building.  Ground Floor main branch and Second Floor Premier and Business Banking.  Expected completion 2012.

·   HSBC Halifax, NS.  A Premium location occupying the ground floor of a downtown office tower.  A major renovation of an existing branch.  Expected completion 2011/2012.

ZAS is sensitive to the operations of our financial clients; we understand that most branches are required to remain fully operational during construction.  We coordinate our projects to include multiple construction phases and minimize disruptions for staff and customers.  Our commitment to provide the highest level of service to a client's evolving needs has allowed us to maintain an ongoing relationship with HSBC.


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