Port Credit Arena

Mississauga, Canada

Widely considered an iconic heritage building, the Port Credit Memorial Arena has been redeveloped and enhanced for its next generation of users.  With its 50th anniversary celebrated in 2009, our team was commissioned to undertake a feasibility study to report on possible redevelopment scenarios as well as conduct a technical audit of the building’s infrastructure.  The results of the study pointed towards restoration of the arena, re-planning of it’s internal functions, and the need to expand the building to include community rooms to service the non-recreational needs of local residents.  The Arena is symbolic of a by-gone era of recreation facility design, and is notable for the barrel shaped wood structure of its roof and the incredible volume that is created within for players and spectators.  By enhancing these architectural features, capitalizing on the relationship to the adjacent park and reconfiguring/ orienting public spaces, our design rejuvenates the Port Credit Arena to a level commensurate with its immediate needs, current programming and relative importance as a landmark to the residents of this community.  Recently listed as a Heritage Building under the Ontario Heritage Act, the design challenge had been to strike a balance between the modern, post-industrial nature of the existing building with a new addition that acknowledges and enhances it’s premier qualities.  The sloping nature of the site created an opportunity to add a new public lobby that links the concourse level of the arena with a new lower level lobby.  This addition also contains several multi-purpose rooms that will have panoramic views over Memorial Park.  In effect the addition becomes a window and another entrance location into the Park.  Sustainability aspects of the project had also been influential in guiding the development of the project.  As a result the building and site development were designed to LEED Certified standards, as well as the City’s Green Development Guidelines.  Extensive community consultation with the various recreation user groups was conducted to ensure the functional needs of the redeveloped arena were considered and satisfied.  These consultations occurred at key milestones in the project beginning during the feasibility study and throughout the concept design phase, culminating at a Public Meeting where the redevelopment plans received full endorsement and support.


City of Mississauga


Renovation - 47,000 sf
New Addition – 7,000 sf


Redeveloped Heritage Arena (700 seat capacity)
Change Rooms
Various Multi-Purpose Rooms
New Two-Storey Lobby
Redeveloped Entrances & Parking Lot
Single Ice Pad Renovation
New Foyer
Multi-Purpose Rooms
Seniors Lounge
New Change Rooms
Site redevelopment
New Zamboni Facilities