Region of Waterloo International Airport

Waterloo, Canada

The re-building of this new terminal was completed to serve one of the fastest developing technology urban centres in Canada.  Previously serving as a regional airport, the capacity of the $5M terminal was expanded to support current domestic operations and also serve international flights.  The terminal’s modern design strives to make a strong connection between the passenger and the excitement of the airfield while also providing efficient and innovative security screening solutions.  The arching profile of the terminal’s roof creates a skyline silhouette that contrasts with the adjacent control tower. Inside, the double height concourse area connects the ground-side and air-side of the airport in an inviting manner that allows patrons an unrestricted view of the airfield. Full customs and immigration services facilities, as well as airport administration and NAVCAN offices are contained within the terminal. (in joint venture with John MacDonald Architect Inc.)


Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Customs and Immigration Canada
Waterloo Regional Airport Authority


26,000 s.f.
1 Storey Facility


Expanded Domestic Operations
Ground-side / Air-side Support
Full Customs and Immigration
Services Facilities
Airport Administration
Navcan Offices


  • Innovation Award, Airport Management Conference of Ontario (AMCO)
  • Building Excellence Awards, Award of Merit, GVCA