Government, Retail Commercial

Shared Services Bureau

Sudbury, Canada

The design of this new Shared Services Bureau office space provides this governmental client with both a functional, yet non-traditional and comfortable working environment. The combination of high and varied ceilings, new exterior glazing and vibrant finishes creates a bold, unique interior for its occupants.  Creative planning of the 25,000 square foot space seamlessly integrates open office areas with meeting rooms and a multitude of training facilities.  The main boardroom is multi-functional in design, allowing for a transformation from meeting space to lecture style set-up with little additional effort.  Incorporating architectural appeal with function, a central breakout area is conveniently located adjacent to boardroom, training room and reception.  The use of curved walls, pendant lighting and a natural warm colour palette is boldly used in public, training and visitor areas in an effort to create a distinguishable and memorable workplace.


Ontario Realty Corporation


25,000 s.f.
1 storey facility


Non-Traditional Government Office Space
Multi-Functional Design
Central Breakout Area
Numerous Boardrooms
Training Rooms
Office Spaces