Transport Canada Office Consolidation & Renovations

Toronto, Canada

This project consolidates eight different branch offices that occupied approx. 120,000 SF of office space into approx. 80, 000 SF of office space while improving adjacencies for work groups and teams. Implementation of new teqniques to reduce office leasable space such as hotelling, teaming, space sharing, high-density storage, etc. were introduced as measures to reduce office space. Utilization of advanced furniture systems technology provided opportunity for improved corporate image as well as the ability to manage the cabling needs of the modern office.  Major challenges put forth with this project were an extremely tight schedule for delivery of completed workspace with office space that was near fully occupied during construction.


Public Works and Government Services Canada


80,000 s.f.


Program Development
Space Planning
Millwork Design Systems
Furniture Tender and Selection
Phasing and Relocation Plans
Construction Drawings
Tender Documentation and Administration