Mixed Use

Union Station, Master Plan Redevelopment

Toronto, Canada

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Union Station is the largest and busiest rail station in Canada, serving millions of commuters each day, in spite of its current operational inadequacies.  Our development proposal for this historic national site was conceived as a mixed-use development where additional density returns would fund the re-planning, reconfiguration and restoration of the station.  Our planning approach was based on creating a multi-modal transportation hub with a coherent and efficient system of pedestrian circulation routes.  Central to this concept was the introduction of a European type of rail corridor terminus, where east and west bound rail lines would end at a new central platform, covered by a grandiose structure above.  This re-planning of the station also created opportunities for commercial point towers to be sensitively positioned at either end and above a new train shed.


City of Toronto


2,000,000 sf
Various Building Heights


Renovated Train Station
“Boutique” hotel
Retail spaces
Improvements to commuter and
Trans-Canada Rail platforms
Several commercial/residential towers